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Artful artists

One of Artful's core aims is to support artists from the North East of England​.

While we don't sell work from our featured artists on the site, this will give you an insight into the wealth of local talent we support. Simply hover over a page in the slideshow to read more about an artist - they're all amazing!


If you're a North East artist and you're interested in selling your work through Artful, please contact us.

Kelly Morgan
Glass painter

Kelly Morgan is an artist with a painty apron, who likes to drink tea. She is also the artist-in-residence and the brain child behind Artful.

Following a lifelong love of art, Kelly completed her art degree in Manchester and returned to Newcastle, where she was born and raised.

Supporting her passion for art through jobs in retail and the service industry, Kelly's dream finally came true in 2007, when she opened Artful in St Mary's Chare, Hexham. In 2014, Artful moved to new premises in Battle Hill and Kelly's work goes on - it is her drive and ambition that makes Artful the success it is.